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Is your Aviation English good enough?? - Is your FCL 055 or ICAO ELP due for renewal??

As more and more countries are opening up post COVID and passengers are flying again , the skies are getting busier.

Frequencies and airspace are becoming more congested and there is a shortage of pilots, controllers, ground handling agents, engineers airport workers............. but no shortage of Passengers!!

During COVID, the aviation world experienced a huge reduction in demand and many people were not practising English language.

Now during the recovery, we have witnessed at first hand that neither pilots nor controllers are quite as expeditious and there is often a mis-understanding of instructions, particularly in busy Ground Control environments.

We urge any non-native English speakers to ask themselves if their English communication skills are "up to speed" in these post COVID times - and indeed native English speakers should make sure that their communications are clear and unambiguous!!

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