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Designed to maintain or improve your ICAO Level 4

Course Overview

This course has been designed to help operational Pilots and Controllers maintain or improve their ICAO Level 4. Course attendees will be expected to have a certain amount of technical knowledge and be able to understand and use Standard ICAO Phraseology.  


The emphasis on this course is the ability to communicate during non-routine and emergency situations to various different agencies in a clear, unambiguous manner.

Unless by prior arrangement, this course is a “one to one” online course lasting 20 hours conducted in our Virtual Classroom. There will be plenty of opportunities to practise speaking and comprehension. You will be given some preparation before each class which will focus on a specific topic. 

Although the course focuses on Aviation English, you will still be given tuition on other aspects of English Grammar to ensure that you are communicating the correct message.


Everybody needs to know the different meanings of: “I am going to extinguish the fire” and “I have extinguished the fire”!

Course Content:
All content will be adapted according to individual requirements
The Course has 5 modules, each focusing on different phases of flight (see appendix
for individual lesson details)

 - Module 1 Take Off
- Module 2 Cruise
- Module 3 Approach and Landing
- Module 4 On the Ground
- Module 5 Weather

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24-hours in advance

Contact Details

Stephanie Whitebread

+33 6 38184090



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