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Designed to provide coaching for delivering Passenger Announcements

Course Overview

This course has been specifically designed to provide coaching for delivering Passenger Announcements. It focuses not only on the content of announcements but also on how and when to deliver them.

Clear, unambiguous Passenger Announcements are vitally important during both routine and non-routine situations to keep passengers informed and when necessary to assert authority over them.

You will be given ample opportunity to create your own Passenger Announcements in a variety of different situations.

It can be adapted for either Flight Deck Crew or Cabin Crew. Browse our website and get in touch with any questions you may have.

Course Content:
All content will be adapted according to individual requirements. The Course consists of 5 lessons

- Lesson 1: Importance of PAs from passenger perspective; Passenger expectations; Aims & Objectives of PAs; Company policy for providing PAs; Expressing authority
- Lesson 2: Best Practises for delivering PAs, language to avoid, Practical tips, usefull vocabulary; best practises; Welcome Aboard PAs Passenger Announcement Course
- Lesson 3: PAs for a variety of common situations such as short departure delays; short arrival delays; long delays; bad weather en-route
- Lesson 4: PAs for unusual situations
- Lesson 5: PAs for emergency situations and prioritising communication with Cabin Crew and ATC during emergencies

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24-hours in advance

Contact Details

Stephanie Whitebread

+33 6 38184090



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